Carmen Pavel

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Associate Director

Carmen Pavel is a political philosopher who specializes in liberal theory and contemporary
challenges to it, ethics and public policy, ethical and political pluralism, multiculturalism,
international justice, the authority of international institutions, and environmental ethics.
She received her Ph.D. at Brown University and then served as a postdoctoral fellow and
lecturer in the Program in Political Philosophy, Policy and Law at University of Virginia.
At UVA she taught the gateway course and capstone seminar for the PPL major. She is
currently the Associate Director of the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at University of
Arizona and the managing editor of the journal Social Philosophy and Policy, as well as an
adjunct in the School of Government and Public Policy.

Dr. Pavel is working on a book called Divided Sovereignty: International Institutions and
the Limits of State Authority
. The book examines the question of whether international
institutions are justified in constraining states when they commit abuses against their
own citizens. Divided Sovereignty challenges the long standing assumption that collective
grants of authority from the citizens of a state should be made exclusively for institutions
within the borders of that state. Despite worries that international institutions such as the
International Criminal Court could undermine domestic democratic control, citizens can
divide sovereign authority between state and international institutions consistent with their
right of democratic self-governance.

Courses Taught: 

POL 203 Political Ideas

POL 428 Global Poverty and Justice

POL 425 Liberalism and its Critics