2013 - 14 Academic Year


Elizabeth Brake, Arizona State University (Philosophy)
"Is Minimal Marriage Small Enough? The Limits of State Involvement in Relationships"
Professional Development Seminar with Michael Gill
Teaching in Grad School
Fabian Wendt, University of Hamburg (Philosophy)
"A Problem for Philosophical Anarchism"
Professional Development Seminar with Shaun Nichols
Giving a Job Market Talk
Connie Rosati, University of Arizona (Philosophy)
"Welfare and Rational Fit"
Dan D'Amico, Loyola University in New Orleans (Economics)
"Trying to Develop a Public Reason Approach to Criminal Punishment"
Bill Glod (Institute for Humane Studies)
“Libertarian Paternalism Is Neither Libertarian Nor Paternalistic”
Elijah Millgram, Freedom Center Research Professor
"On What Matters Sometimes"
Carol Rose, University of Arizona (Law)
"The Law Is Nine-tenths of Possession: An Adage Turned on Its Head"
Virgil Storr, Freedom Center Research Professor
John Thrasher, University of Arizona (Philosophy)
"Backing Into Self-Ownership"
Martina Fürst, University of Graz (Philosopy)
"Troubles with Phenomenal Intentionality"
S. M. Amadae, Ohio State University (Political Science)
Not So Fast 'Libertarian Paternalism': Arrow, Nash, and Sen on Minimal Liberalism and Collective Choice
Connie Rosati, University of Arizona (Philosophy)
Professional Development Seminar: Getting Ready for the Job Market
Michael Moehler, Virginia Tech (Philosophy)
"The Rawls-Harsanyi Dispute: A Moral Point of View"
Thomas Schramme, University of Hamburg (Philosophy)
Determining Oneself and Determining One's Self
Mats Lundström, Uppsala University (Government)
"Scepticism and Platonism - Hans Kelsen's Paradoxical Argument for Democracy"