About Us

Welcome to the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona.

The Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, also known as the Freedom Center, is an environment for academic work. The professors who work here are members of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, and each of them has research and teaching interests in questions related to some aspect of freedom: What does it take for societies to free their members from oppression and poverty? How is it possible, in a world shaped by prior causes, for people to exercise free will? And what sorts of lives might free people aspire to create for themselves? The Freedom Center provides financial, administrative, and collegial support for diverse, independent scholarship on issues like these.

Our scholarship takes two main forms:

  • Contributing to philosophical investigation. The Freedom Center is an environment in which scholars create written work to engage their peers, shape future generations of philosophers, and educate students of philosophy and other readers of philosophy.

o   Each professor in the Freedom Center regularly publishes original research in internationally circulated professional journals and academic presses. Visit the individual profile pages to learn more about their research.

o   The Freedom Center hosts on-going forums for emerging scholarship, from informal “brown bag” seminars to intensive workshops on new research. You can learn more about recent presentations here.

o   In addition to permanent faculty members, the Freedom Center provides a work environment for a number of visiting Research Professors in diverse fields from around the world. You can learn more about recent visiting professors here.

o   The Freedom Center also provides some editorial support for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy and Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, both published by Oxford University Press.

  • Preparing the next generation of philosophers. The Freedom Center offers financial support for doctoral students in Philosophy, and offers recipients experience in such areas of professional academic work as editing, organizing professional events, and assisting with teaching and research. You can learn more about recent Freedom Center fellows here.

Although the Freedom Center offers no curriculum of its own, our faculty also belong to the Department of Philosophy, where they teach at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Visit the individual profile pages to learn more about their teaching within the Department of Philosophy. You can also learn more about recent alumni here.

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