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Allen E Buchanan was the James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Duke University, as well as Investigator at the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy (Duke) and Distinguished Research Fellow (Oxford Uehiro Centre).

My main research is in Political Philosophy, Philosophy of International Law, Bioethics, Social Moral Epistemology, and, most recently the scope and limits of evolutionary explanations of changes that human morlaities undergo over time. 

My career has combined shcolarly work with active engagement with policy-makers at the highest levels, nationally and inter-nationally. For example, I have served as staff member or consultant for all of the U.S. national Bioesthics Commissions since 1981, and have consulted with the High Comissioner on National Minorities of the Council of Europe, the Canadian Government, the Transistional Government of Ethiopia, the Government of Catalonia, and the U.S. State Department on issues of self-determination and secession. I have also served as a member of the Advisory Council for the National Human Genome Research Institute and as a member of the Secretary for Health and Human Serviecs Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing. 

My most recent book, Our Moral Fate: Evolution and the Escape from Tibalism, is forthcoming with MIT Press in 2020. My current research focuses on the hypothesis that from the earliest human societies to the present, there has been an on-going co-evolutionary arms race between domination and counter-domination and that this struggle has been a major driver of the evolution of morality and of institutions. 

Selected Books

  • 2020 (forthcoming). Our Moral Fate: Evolution and the Escape From Tribalism, Cambridge: MIT Press.
  • 2018. Institutionalizing the Just War, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2018. The Evolution of Morality: A Biocultural Theory, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with Russell Powell).
  • 2013. The Heart of Human Rights, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2011. Beyond Humanity? The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2011. Better Than Human: The Perils and Promise of Enhancing Ourselves, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2010. Human Rights, Legitimacy, and the Use of Force: Selected Essays, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2009. Justice and Health Care: Selected Essays, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2003. Justice, Legitimacy, and Self-Determination: Moral Foundations for International Law, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • 2000. From Chance to Choice: Genetics & Justice, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (with Dan W. Brock, Norman Daniels, and Daniel Wikler).
  • 1989. Deciding for Others: The Ethics of Surrogate Decision-Making, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (with Dan W.  Brock).
  • 1985. Ethics, Efficiency and the Market, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Selected Articles

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