Colloquia 2012-2013

The Freedom Center Colloquium Series hosts weekly talks by Freedom Center faculty and graduate students, as well as other University of Arizona faculty and several outside scholars each semester. Colloquia are held from 12.30 to 1.45 on Thursdays in the Kendrick Room of the Freedom Center. A partial schedule for the Colloquium Series can be found below. Please keep an eye on this page as additional talks will be posted as the semester progresses. For information on talks from previous academic years, please click on one of the links on the left side of the screen.

Wednesday, 1pm: Miranda Spieler, University of Arizona (History), "Was There Ever a French 'Free Soil' Principle? Slavery and the Remaking of the French Legal Order at the End of the Old Regime"
Wednesday: Suzanne Dovi, University of Arizona (Government and Public Policy), "Rethinking Marginalization:Changing How We Measure Representation"
Professional Development Seminar: Rachana Kamtekar, "Getting Ready for the Job Market"
James Otteson, Yeshiva University (Philosophy and Economics), "Justice, Social Justice, and Ultimate Justice in Adam Smith"
Tuesday: Juhana Lemetti, University of Helsinki (Philosophical Psychology, Morality, and Politics), "Law-Abiding Citizens?: Manners and Toleration in Hobbesian Political Theory"
Keith Lehrer, University of Arizona (Philosophy), "Thomas Reid on the Moral Faculty and the Truth of Moral Judgment"
David Keyt, University of Washington (Philosophy, Emeritus), "Aristotle and the Joy of Working"
Professional Development Seminar: Michael McKenna, "Publishing in Philosophy"
Fred Miller, Bowling Green State University (Philosophy)
12:00-1:15pm: Albert Bergesen, University of Arizona (Sociology), "The End of the 500-Year Reign of Western Radical Thought"
Kay Mathiesen, University of Arizona (Information Resources), "Information Rights as Human Rights"
Monday, 12:00-1:00pm: Aryeh Tepper, The Tikvah Fellowship, "The Problematic Power of Music"
Tuesday, 12:00-1:15pm: Carla Bagnoli, University of Modena & Reggio Emilia (Philosophy)
Jenann Ismael, University of Arizona (Philosophy)
Gary Pivo, University of Arizona (Urban Planning and Natural Resources), "Social Responsibility in Property Investing and Development"
Shaun Nichols, University of Arizona (Philosophy), "Choice and Error"
12:20-1:20pm: Robert Williams, University of Arizona (American Indian Studies), "Savage Anxieties: The Invention of Western Civilization"
Michael Huemer, University of Colorado – Boulder (Philosophy), "The Duty to Disregard the Law"
Virgil Storr, George Mason University (Economics), "The Moral Teachings of the Market"
Sally Stevens, University of Arizona (Gender & Women's Studies), "Gender Differences in Substance Abuse"
Ryan Muldoon, University of Pennsylvania (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), "Harms That Require Recognition"
Matt King, UCLA (Law and Philosophy), "Interminable Blame"
Marc Miller, University of Arizona (Law), "The Theoretical Wasteland of Executive Power: Why Should Legal Scholars (or Anyone Else) Care?"
Brandon Warmke and Michael McKenna, University of Arizona (Freedom Center), "Moral Responsibility, Forgiveness & Conversation"
Carmen Pavel, University of Arizona (Freedom Center), "The Incompleteness of Social Contract Theories"