Colloquia 2018-2019

The Freedom Center Colloquium Series hosts weekly talks by Freedom Center faculty and graduate students, as well as other University of Arizona faculty and several outside scholars each semester. Colloquia are held from 12.30 to 1.45 on Thursdays in the Kendrick Room of the Freedom Center. A partial schedule for the Colloquium Series can be found below. Please keep an eye on this page as additional talks will be posted as the semester progresses. For information on talks from previous academic years, please click on one of the links on the left side of the screen.

Guido Melchior, University of Graz
Varieties of Deep Disagreement
Gunnar Björnsson, Stockholm University
Topic: Blame and responsibility in morals and elsewhere
Christel Fricke, University of Oslo
Reflective sentimentalism in Aesthetics: Hume’s Question and Kant’s Answer
Mark Lehrer, Suffolk University
Bringing Knowledge to Market: The evolution and broader significance of Israeli economic and scientific policies spanning the civilian and military sectors
Jessica Darby, University of Arkansas
An Institutional Investigation of the Farm-Supply Chain Interface
Josh Glasgow, Sonoma State University
Devaluing Importance
Hannah Tierney, University of Sydney
Veganism and Making a Difference
Peter Vanderschraaf, University of California, Merced
Play Like Me Or Else! Supporting Conformity in Stag Hunt Problems With Costly Punishment
Tyler DesRoches, Arizona State University
When Do Unhealthy States Harm the One Who is Unhealthy?
Adrian Blau, King's College London
The Logic of Inference of Thought Experiments in Political Philosophy
Fred Miller, Bowling Green State University
Aristotelian Statecraft
David Keyt, University of Arizona
Plato and the Ship of State
Chad Van Schoelandt, Tulane University
Social Rules and Personal Plans in Libertarian Thought
Suzanne Dovi, University of Arizona
Topic: The Four Faces of Misogyny