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Michael McKenna
Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy

Michael McKenna is Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works in free will, metaphysics, and ethics.

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Guido Pincione
Professor of Philosophy

Guido Pincione is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works at the interface of law, moral and political philosophy, and rational choice theory.

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Dan Russell
Professor of Philosophy

Dan Russell is Professor of Philosophy at the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, University of Arizona. He specializes in ancient philosophy and ethics, and his work focuses on ancient philosophy mainly as a source for expanding contemporary options for thinking about how to improve our lives...
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David Schmidtz
Center Director

David Schmidtz is Kendrick Professor of Philosophy, in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and...
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Mario Villarreal-Diaz
Associate Director and Associate Professor
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Steven Wall
Professor of Philosophy

Steven Wall is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works primarily on questions in political philosophy, but also has interests in ethics and philosophy of law.

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Affiliated Faculty

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Tom Christiano
Professor of Philosophy

Tom Christiano is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona and the director of the Freedom Center's Research Seminar.  His teaching and research focus on moral and political philosophy with emphases on democratic theory, distributive justice, and global justice.

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Jerry Gaus
James E. Rogers Professor of Philosophy
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Carolina Sartorio
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Carolina Sartorio is Associate Professor of Philosophy. She works in metaphysics and the intersection between metaphysics and ethics, including topics like causation, free will, and moral responsibility.

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