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Allen Buchanan

Allen E Buchanan was the James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Duke University, as well as Investigator at the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy (Duke) and Distinguished Research Fellow (Oxford Uehiro Centre).

My main research is in Political Philosophy, Philosophy...
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Patrick Harless
Assistant Professor (Career Track)
Office: 223

Patrick Harless is an economist trained in microeconomic theory with teaching experience ranging from sixth grade to post-graduate.  He teaches PPEL courses at the University of Arizona and serves as the Academic Director for the Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship program.  His research...
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James Harrigan's picture
James Harrigan
Assistant Professor (Career Track)
Office: Social Sciences 237A

James R. Harrigan is Managing Director of the Center for Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona, and the F.A. Hayek Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also co-host of the Words & Numbers podcast. Dr. Harrigan was previously Dean of the American...
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Saura Masconale
Assistant Professor, Director of Outreach
Office: Social Sciences 227

Saura Masconale’s field of research encompasses the broad domain of “law and political economy,” which studies how the intersection of legal entitlements, political power and economic forces affect society and the political order, both as a descriptive and normative matter. Within this domain,...
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Guido Pincione
Professor of Philosophy

Guido Pincione is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works at the interface of law, moral and political philosophy, and rational choice theory.

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Sarah Raskoff
Assistant Research Professor (Career Track), Managing Editor of Social Philosophy & Policy
Office: Social Sciences 237B
Sarah Raskoff received her PhD in philosophy at the University of Arizona in Fall 2018. She works in moral philosophy. Her dissertation focused on about metaethical expressivism, and touched on issues in moral psychology and practical rationality. She also has interests in applied ethics--...
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David Schmidtz

David Schmidtz is Kendrick Professor of Philosophy in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  He also is ...
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Steven Wall
Professor of Philosophy
Office: SS, Rm 233

Steven Wall is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works primarily on questions in political philosophy, but also has interests in ethics and philosophy of law.

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Affiliated Faculty

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Tom Christiano
Professor of Philosophy

Tom Christiano is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona and the director of the Freedom Center's Research Seminar.  His teaching and research focus on moral and political philosophy with emphases on democratic theory, distributive justice, and global justice.

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