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Guido Pincione is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He works at the interface of law, moral and political philosophy, and rational choice theory.

Selected Publications

“Constitutional Neutrality among Economic Policies,” Public Choice, 2012, Vol. 52, No. 3, pp. 455-459.

“Clashing Intuitions about Free Will and Justice: Comments on Carolina Sartorio’s Causation and Free Will,” forthcoming in Revista Argentina de Teoría Jurídica

“The Rule of Law: Theoretical Perspectives,” forthcoming in Tetsu Sakurai, ed., The Common Good, IVR Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Springer, Dordrecht).

Review of Joshua Cohen, “Truth and Public Reason,” Philosophy and Public Affairs 37, no. 1 (2009), Philosopher’s Digest, December 23, 2009.


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Guido Pincione
Professor of Philosophy