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I'm currently working on issues at the intersection of ethics, economics, and biology.  These include collective action problems like antibiotic resistance.  I'm especially interested in the moral and political dimensions of synthetic biology.  With the advent of CRISPR-Cas9, and the manipulation of gene drives, we will be able to eliminate disease vectors, resurrect extinct species, and alter existing species, including our children.  Almost nobody is talking about this, almost everyone should be.

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2018     Antibiotics and Animal Agriculture.  In Ethics and Antimicrobial Resistance, edited by Michael Selgelid.

2018     Public Goods and Education.  In Philosophical Frames on Public Policy, edited by Andrew Cohen.

2017     Ethics, Antibiotics, and Public Policy. Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy.

2017     Trust, Trade, and Moral Progress. Social Philosophy and Policy.

2017     Race Research and the Ethics of BeliefJournal of Bioethical Inquiry.

2015     What's Wrong with Factory FarmingPublic Health Ethics.

2015     Public Goods and Government ActionPolitics, Philosophy, and Economics.

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