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Cover of Free Will New Textbook by Michael McKenna and Derk Pereboom

Michael McKenna's co-authored textbook on Free Will has been released by Routledge. It offers a comprehensive examination of the major debates surrounding free will at the present.


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Hannah Tierney Accepts Post-Doc at Cornell

Hannah Tierney has accepted a 2-year Stanford H. Taylor Postdoctoral Fellowship at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York), starting July 2016. At Cornell, she will continue her research on personal... read more

Picture of Charles Delmotte Visiting Scholar Charles Delmotte

This Spring Semester, the Freedom Center has been joined by Charles Delmotte, a visiting scholar from Belgium. He received a Master in Moral Philosophy and a Master of Laws from Ghent University... read more

Picture of Brian Kogelmann Brian Kogelmann and Stephen Stich Publish Paper

Brian Kogelmann and Stephen Stich's paper "The Irrelevance of the Impossibility of Pure Libertarianism" has been published in The Journal of Philosophy.

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Social Philosophy and Policy Conference on Progress

The upcoming Social Philosophy and Policy conference, entitled Progress, will take place on May 12-15 in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

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Social Philosophy and Policy Conference on Ideal Theory

Twenty-two distinguished philosophers, political theorists, and economists contributed to the Social Philosophy and Policy conference on Ideal Theory & Practice, which was held December 3-6 at... read more

Environmental Ethics Workshop
On November 12-15, 2015, the... read more
Workshop on the Ethics of Climate Change with Darrel Moellendorf

On October 10th, the Freedom Center hosted a Workshop... read more

Current Research Workshop with Fabian Wendt

On September 5th, the Freedom Center hosted its first Current Research Workshop for the 2015-16 academic year featuring the manuscript for Fabian Wendt's upcoming book, Political Morality Beyond... read more

Social Philosophy and Policy

The circulation numbers for 2014 for the journal Social Philosophy and Policy have just come out. Subscriptions now total 7986, an increase of 372 over 2013.  This is on top of even... read more