News & Announcements

Workshop on the Ethics of Climate Change with Darrel Moellendorf

On October 10th, the Freedom Center hosted a Workshop... read more

Current Research Workshop with Fabian Wendt

On September 5th, the Freedom Center hosted its first Current Research Workshop for the 2015-16 academic year featuring the manuscript for Fabian Wendt's upcoming book, Political Morality Beyond... read more

Social Philosophy and Policy

The circulation numbers for 2014 for the journal Social Philosophy and Policy have just come out. Subscriptions now total 7986, an increase of 372 over 2013.  This is on top of even... read more

Graduate Teaching and Mentoring

Jerry Gaus wins the University of Arizona Graduate Teaching and Mentoring for 2015.  Jerry's influence has in fact been transformative at all levels of teaching.  We salute Jerry for over a decade... read more

Forum on Adaptable Systems at the Biosphere 2

In nature, adaptable strategies are incorporated into successful organisms through the relentless and value neutral process of natural selection. Delegates of the Forum will meet to address the... read more

Chris Howard awarded as Outstanding Graduate Student

We are proud to announce that Center graduate fellow Chris Howard has received the Fink Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student awarded by the Department of Philosophy here at the University of... read more

Chapman and Tulane welcome two promising Arizona philosophers

Keith Hankins will spending a year as a Junior Research Fellow and the Leading Tutor for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Ormond College at the University of Melbourne, Australia after which... read more

Elizabeth Willott 1955-2015

On May 2, Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer. She lived and loved well, cherished her work, and was surrounded by friends and family in her final days.  

Rational Choice and Moral Agency 2015

A revised edition of David Schmidtz's Rational Choice and Moral Agency is now available from Amazon as a Kindle book.


... read more

Mario Villarreal-Diaz

Today we celebrate the hiring of Mario Villarreal-Diaz as our new Associate Director and Associate Professor. Mario received his PhD in Economics and Political Science from Claremont Graduate... read more