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Chad Van Schoelandt Publishes Paper in Philosophical Studies

Chad Van Schoelandt's paper "Justification, Coercion, and the Place of Public Reason" has been published in ... read more

Greg Robson Publishes Paper in Hobbes Studies

Greg Robson's paper, "Two Psychological Defenses of Hobbes’s Claim Against the Fool", is forthcoming in Hobbes Studies.

... read more
Cheshire Calhoun Elected APA Board Chair
Research Professor Cheshire Calhoun has been elected to a three-year term as chair of the American Philosophical Association's board of... read more
Allison Schannep named Fiesta Bowl Queen

Senior PPEL major Allison Schannep has been crowned the 2013-14 Fiesta Bowl Queen. Allison is an Honors major as well and is studying (in her senior project with Dave Schmidtz) the impact of the... read more

McGuire Center Named Innovator of the Year
The McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, of which Freedom Center associate Robert Lusch is executive director, was recently named Innovator of the Year in academia at the Governor’s Celebration... read more
Chad Van Schoelandt Publishes Paper in Philosophical Quarterly

Chad Van Schoelandt's paper "Markets, Community, and Pluralism" is forthcoming in Philosophical Quarterly... read more

Carmen Pavel's Divided Sovereignty Forthcoming from Oxford University Press
Carmen Pavel’s book, Divided Sovereignty: International Institutions and the Limits of State Authority, will be published by Oxford University Press. Here is a brief description:... read more
Hannah Tierney Publishes Two New Papers

Hannah Tierney has published a new paper in Philosophical Studies.

Danny Shahar Publishes Paper in Environmental Values

Danny Shahar's paper "Rejecting Eco-Authoritarianism, Again," is forthcoming in Environmental Values.

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Dan Russell Reflects on Happiness for Downtown Lecture Series

We all agree that happiness is something we want, even if there has never been much agreement about what makes us happy. But as Dan Russell explains, there has also been an important shift... read more