John Pound

Research Professor

I’ve been involved with the study and practice of governance and value creation in public and private companies and nonprofits for 35+ years.  My core focus has been on understanding and improving the process by which leaders and boards discover, debate, and coalesce around guiding visions and strategies.  I’ve investigated and documented that challenge and engaged directly to help improve outcomes through participation as an investor, board member, adviser, and leadership team member.  


I initially spent a dozen-plus years at Harvard University and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, helping to lead, through research and direct involvement, the development of modern activist investing.  I then founded an investment and advisory business and spent 20+ years as an activist investor, adviser, and board member at a spectrum of brand-driven consumer-facing companies.  I subsequently retired from new investments to focus on what had become my core interest: coaching leaders and boards through times of change.  

In January of 2021 I joined the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona to pursue new research on governance, and to work with the Center to help develop its strategies, programs, alliances, and outreach, in furtherance of its mission to investigate and promote the ideals of classical liberalism in research, education, and policy.  


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