Ritwik Agrawal

Research Assistant

Ph.D. Student, Department of Philosophy

I work mainly on moral and political philosophy. Currently, I am writing on topics in international law and politics, such as decolonization, secession, and the ethics of intervention. I also have teaching and research interests in cognitive science, free will, existentialism, aesthetics, and Indian philosophy. Puzzles about human universality and freedom intrigue me. 

Before switching to academic philosophy, I worked as a political consultant in India. In this role, I worked with elected representatives across local, state, and federal levels and a major national political party. I am an experienced debate trainer and web developer and co-founded PlanetCricket.Org. I enjoy literature, European cinema, and offbeat video games. I occasionally write for newspapers and magazines, mainly on Indian politics. 

I grew up in New Delhi and read mathematics and philosophy at University of Delhi. Before Arizona, I studied (and taught) philosophy at University of Missouri, where I served on the student government and was coordinator of the university-wide Evolution and Social Science group.

I am a visiting faculty member at Ashoka University (India), where I teach philosophy and cognitive science at the Young India Fellowship. I have also taught at St. Stephen’s College, India’s leading undergraduate institution.