Robert E. Gordon

Assistant Research Professor

Managing Director, The Voices of Culture

To help promote the Center's Mission, Professor Gordon brings his experise in matters of culture to a broad range of research interests: Asian art and philosophy, art and economics, freedom and aesthetics, art and poverty, and humanistic geography. He is a Fellow at UArizona's Center for Buddhist Studies and is Adjunct Faculty in the Fred Fox School of Music. His writings can be found in The Wall Street Journal, the Athenaeum Review, the peer-review journalsPhilosophies, Space and Culture, and Social Philosophy & Policy (forthcoming), the Japanese American National Museum Traveling Exhibit, and elsewhere. With an emphasis on the epistemologies of contemporary life, his work investigates how the meanings and ideas embedded in the world are experienced in terms of the attitudes, perceptions, and values of the individual. Dr. Gordon holds a Ph.D. in the History of Art (University of Arizona), a Master's degree in Art History & Theory, and a B.A. in Philosophy (Arizona State University).