Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberations cover
Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation: A Theory of Discourse Failure
Guido Pincione and Fernando R. Tesón
Published: 2006

"In public political deliberation, people will err and lie in accordance with definite patterns. Such discourse failure results from behavior that is both instrumentally and epistemically rational. The deliberative practices of a liberal democracy (let alone repressive or non-democratic societies) cannot be improved so as to overcome the tendency for rational citizens to believe and say things at odds with reliable propositions of social science. The theory has several corollaries. One is that much contemporary political philosophy can be seen as an unsuccessful attempt to vindicate, on... read more

Cover of Philosophy and Democracy: An Anthology
Philosophy and Democracy: An Anthology
Tom Christiano (Editor)
Published: 2003

"This volume collects some of the leading essays in contemporary democratic theory published in the past thirty years. The anthology presents the work of a select group of contributors (including Peter Singer, Joshua Cohen, Ronald Dworkin, Richard Arneson, and others) and covers many foundational approaches defended by scholars from a range of different disciplines. The chapters address many issues that are central to philosophical reflections on democracy, such as questions pertaining to deliberative and economic approaches, as well as to such topics as intrinsic fairness, the role of... read more

Cover of Robert Nozick
Robert Nozick
David Schmidtz (Editor)
Published: 2002

"This introductory volume is devoted to Robert Nozick, one of the dominant philosophical thinkers of the current age. Nozick's famous book, Anarchy, State and Utopia (1974), presents the classic defense of the libertarian view that only a minimal state is just. He has made significant contributions to such areas as rational choice theory, ethics, epistemology and philosophy of mind. In addition to philosophers, the book will be of particular interest to professionals and students in political science, law, economics, sociology and psychology." (... read more

Cover of Perfectionism and Neutrality: Essays in Liberal Theory
Perfectionism and Neutrality: Essays in Liberal Theory
Steven Wall with George Klosko (Editors)
Published: 2003

"Over the past twenty years, the debate between neutrality and perfectionism has been at the center of political philosophy. Now Perfectionism and Neutrality: Essays in Liberal Theory brings together classic papers and new ideas on both sides of the discussion. Editors George Klosko and Steven Wall provide a substantive introduction to the history and theories of perfectionism and neutrality, expertly contextualizing the essays and making the collection accessible to everyone interested in the interaction between morals and the state." (... read more

Cover of Social Welfare and Individual Responsibility: For and Against
Social Welfare and Individual Responsibility: For and Against
David Schmidtz and Robert E. Goodin
Published: 1998

"The issue of social welfare and individual responsibility has become a topic of international public debate in recent years as politicians around the world now question the legitimacy of state-funded welfare programs. David Schmidtz and Robert Goodin debate the ethical merits of individual versus collective responsibility for welfare. David Schmidtz argues that social welfare policy should prepare people for responsible adulthood rather than try to make that unnecessary. Robert Goodin argues against the individualization of welfare policy and expounds the virtues of collective... read more

Cover of Modern Moral and Political Philosophy
Modern Moral and Political Philosophy
Tom Christiano with Robert C. Cummins (Editors)
Published: 1998

This is the first anthology to include the major moral and political works of Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Reid, Rousseau, and Kant in a single volume.

Liberalism, Perfectionism and Restraint
Steven Wall
Published: 1998

"Liberalism is the dominant political philosophy of our times. The main purpose of this book is to defend a "perfectionist" account of liberalism, one that holds that the state should promote the flourishing of all who are subject to its power, even when doing so requires it to take sides between controversial views of the good life. This book provides a comprehensive and up to date discussion of liberalism and perfectionism and deals with some of the most fundamental issues in contemporary liberal political philosophy." (... read more

Cover of The Rule of The Many: Fundamental Issues in Democratic Theory
The Rule of The Many: Fundamental Issues in Democratic Theory
Tom Christiano
Published: 1996

"There is no problem more crucial to contemporary political thought than the status of democracy, its role, and its problems in the contemporary world. In this survey of democratic theory, Thomas Christiano introduces the reader to the principles underlying democracy and to the problems involved in applying these principles to real life situations.

Beginning with the simple, democratically inspired presumption that the interests of all citizens are to be treated equally, Christiano argues that the implications of such a minimal commitment clarify the nature of democracy and what... read more

Cover of The Limits of Government: An Essay on the Public Goods Argument
The Limits of Government: An Essay on the Public Goods Argument
David Schmidtz
Published: 1990

"The most widely accepted justification for political authority is that coercive institutions are necessary to provide for public goods. Making use of the tools of rational choice theory, economics, and the law of contracts, the author offers a critique of this argument. Along the way, he makes significant contributions to our understanding of the logic of contractarian arguments, the prisoner's dilemma, the prospects for experimental philosophy, and the institution of property. An important lesson is that a community is and must be primarily a voluntary association, and in one final... read more