Social Philosophy and Policy Conference on Ideal Theory

Ideal Theory & Practice

Conference website:
Date: December 2015
Location: Omni Tucson National


The Social Philosophy and Policy conference, entitled Ideal Theory & Practice, was held December 3-6, 2015 at the Omni Tucson National Resort in Tucson, Arizona. 

UPDATE: The resulting publication following the 2015 conference is now available through Cambridge University Press
The distinguished list of participants included:

Neera Badhwar, Professor Emerita, University of Oklahoma

Geoffrey Brennan, Distinguished Research Professor, Director, Duke-UNC PPE Program, Australian National University

David Estlund, Lombardo Family Professor of Humanities, Brown University

William Galston, Ezra K. Zilkha Chair in the Governance Studies Program, Brookings Institution

Simon Hope, Lecturer, University of Sterling

Jenann Ismael, Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Jacob Levy, Tomlinson Professor of Political Theory, McGill University

Andrew Mason, Professor, University of Warwick

David Miller, Professor, University of Oxford

Alex Rosenberg, R. Taylor Cole Professor of Philosophy, Duke University

Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Morehead-Cain Alumni Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Matt Sleat, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Zofia Stemplowska, Associate Professor, University of Oxford

Jim Woodward, Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh

Philip Kitcher, John Dewey Professor of Philosophy, Columbia (for this essay, see the issue on Progress)

Ed Hall, Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Sheffield

Annette Förster, Lecturer in Political Science, Aachen University

Mark Philp, Professor of History and Politics, University of Warwick

Jerry Gaus, James E. Rogers Professor of Philosophy, University of Arizona

Michael Huemer, Professor of Philosophy, University of Colorado Boulder