Research Workshops and Center Sponsored Talks

FC Talks

The Freedom Center hosts weekly talks given by Philosophy, Moral Science, and Freedom Center faculty and graduate students, as well as other University of Arizona faculty and several outside scholars each semester. These sessions are for works in progress and are not open to the public or other University departments without invitation. Interested individuals are typically welcomed. Please contact us in advance of the talk.


The Freedom Center periodically holds workshops to showcase research by University of Arizona alumni, faculty, and visitors to the Center, with commentary by world-class scholars.

These two-day workshops aim to challenge the author and help them refine their current research, manuscript, or paper. The workshop format customarily begins with the scholar’s presenting their current work. It then continues with three sections of comments on the manuscript by two outside scholars and one University of Arizona scholar.

Center Sponsored Talks

The Freedom Center works with academic departments in the University of Arizona to bring a variety of speakers to campus from outside of philosophy and academia.