Events 2013-2014

The Freedom Center periodically holds workshops to showcase research by University of Arizona alumni, faculty, and visitors to the Center, with commentary by world-class scholars. For information on our upcoming workshops, please visit the links below. Information about workshops held in previous academic years can be found by clicking on the links on the left side of the page.

The Voices of Culture Lecture Series is co-sponsored by The Center for the Philosophy of Freedom and The American Culture and Ideas Initiative. It bring speakers from range of disciplines to speak at the University of Arizona.

Arizona Current Research Workshop for Leif Wenar
Clean Trade in Natural Resources
Carol Rose, Loren Lomasky, Gerald Gaus, and Danny Shahar
Arizona Current Research Workshop for Loren Lomasky and Fernando Tesón
Justice at a Distance
Allen Buchanan, Tom Christiano, and Carmen Pavel
Arizona Current Research Workshop for Kevin Vallier
Beyond Separation
Mark Murphy and Paul Woodruff
Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy Workshop
Current Research Workshop for John Tomasi and Matt Zwolinski
A Brief History of Libertarianism