Welcome to the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona.

The Freedom Center is committed to pluralistic discussion of the philosophy of freedom, including interdisciplinary exchange regarding the social conditions of freedom. We aim to promote the understanding and appreciation of the ideals of freedom and responsibility, and their realization in institutional form. Our effort has four dimensions: published research, undergraduate education, graduate education, and community outreach.

The Freedom Center exists to facilitate critical thinking about freedom and responsibility, and about justice and the good society. Our research uses evidence from the natural and social sciences to understand and evaluate the social and political institutions necessary to realizing human freedom.

Our output takes two main forms:

  • We write for peers and future generations.

o   Center faculty regularly publish original research. Visit the individual profile pages to learn more.

o   The Freedom Center hosts on-going “Freedom Talks” that test-drive emerging scholarship and enable scholars to exchange information.  You can learn more about recent presentations here.

o   The Center also hosts Research Professors in diverse fields from around the world. You can learn more about recent visiting professors here.

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