• The topic of this year's SPP conference is "Learning and Changing Norms." For more information and a list of speakers, click here.

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  • Sixteen high school teachers from around Arizona and beyond participated in a two-week comprehensive training workshop. The content, network, and lessons will help these teachers bring this core economics curriculum to high school juniors and seniors.


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The mission of the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the ideals of freedom and responsibility along four dimensions: published research, undergraduate education, graduate education, and community outreach.

Arizona is ranked #1 in the world in political philosophy by the Philosophical Gourmet Report, the profession's definitive rating guide.

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Workshop Registration Now Open

Session 1: Presenting with Boldness by Hedy Schleifer

This unique training is a good fit for all presenters of any kind. Instructors,... read more

Graduate Fellow Greg Robson Lectures at Rincon High

As part of our high school course, Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship, grad students interact with high school students to enrich the... read more

New Textbook by Michael McKenna and Derk Pereboom

Michael McKenna's co-authored textbook on Free Will has been released by Routledge. It offers a comprehensive examination of the major debates... read more

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