Philosophy: Environmental Ethics                    
Philosophy: Environmental Ethics
David Schmidtz
Published: 2016

Philosophy: Environmental Ethics is composed of twelve chapters covering such topics as population, novel ecosystem, geoengineering, climate change, animal ethics, conciliation, and extinction. The use of film, literature, art, case studies, and other disciplines or situations/events provide illustrations of human experiences which work as gateways to questions philosophers try to address. Chapters are written by eminent scholars, are peer-reviewed, and offer bibliographies to... read more

Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy Volume 2                    
Steven Wall with David Sobel and Peter Vallentyne (Editors)
Published: 2016

"This is the second volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Since its revival in the 1970s political philosophy has been a vibrant field in philosophy, one that intersects with jurisprudence, normative economics, political theory in political science departments, and just war theory. OSPP aims to publish some of the best contemporary work in political philosophy and these closely related subfields.

This volume features eight papers and an introduction. The papers address a range of central topics and represent cutting edge work in the field. They are grouped into three... read more

Free Will: A Contemporary Introduction                    
Free Will: A Contemporary Introduction
Michael McKenna with Derk Pereboom
Published: 2016

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"As an advanced introduction to the challenging topic of free will, this book is designed for upper-level undergraduates interested in a comprehensive first-stop into the field’s issues and debates. It is written by two of the leading participants in those debates—a compatibilist on the issue of free will and determinism (Michael McKenna) and an incompatibilist (Derk Pereboom). These two authors achieve an admirable objectivity and clarity while still illuminating... read more

Plato on Pleasure and the Good Life                    
Dan Russell
Published: 2005

"This book examines Plato's subtle and insightful analysis of pleasure and explores its intimate connections with his discussions of value and human psychology. The book offers a fresh perspective on how good things bear on happiness in Plato's ethics, and shows that for Plato, pleasure cannot determine happiness because pleasure lacks a direction of its own. Plato presents wisdom as a skill of living that determines happiness by directing one's life as a whole, bringing about goodness in all areas of one's life, as a skill brings about order in its materials. The ‘materials’ of the skill... read more

Practical Intelligence and the Virtues                    
Dan Russell
Published: 2009

"One of the most important developments in modern moral philosophy is the resurgence of interest in the virtues. This book explores two important hopes for such an approach to moral thought: that starting from the virtues should cast light on what makes an action right, and that notions like character, virtue, and vice should yield a plausible picture of human psychology. The book argues that the key to each of these hopes is an understanding of the cognitive and deliberative skills involved in the virtues. If right action is defined in terms of acting generously or kindly, then these... read more

Happiness for Humans                    
Dan Russell
Published: 2012

"In Happiness for Humans, Daniel C. Russell takes a fresh look at happiness from a practical perspective: the perspective of someone trying to solve the wonderful problem of how to give himself a good life. From this perspective, 'happiness' is the name of a solution to that problem for practical deliberation. Russell's approach to happiness falls within a tradition that reaches back to ancient Greek and Roman philosophers--a tradition now called 'eudaimonism.' Beginning with Aristotle's seminal discussion of the role of happiness in practical reasoning, Russell asks what sort of good... read more

The Cambridge Companion to Virtue Ethics                    
Dan Russell (Editor)
Published: 2013

"Description Contents Resources Courses About the Authors Virtue ethics has emerged from a rich history, in which both Aristotle and Aquinas have played an important role, to become one of the fastest-growing fields in contemporary ethics. In this volume of newly commissioned essays, leading moral philosophers offer a comprehensive overview of virtue ethics. They examine the theoretical structure of virtue ethics and its place in contemporary moral theory and other topics discussed include the history of virtue-based approaches to ethics, what makes these approaches distinctive, what they... read more

Liberalism, Perfectionism and Restraint                    
Steven Wall
Published: 1998

"Liberalism is the dominant political philosophy of our times. The main purpose of this book is to defend a "perfectionist" account of liberalism, one that holds that the state should promote the flourishing of all who are subject to its power, even when doing so requires it to take sides between controversial views of the good life. This book provides a comprehensive and up to date discussion of liberalism and perfectionism and deals with some of the most fundamental issues in contemporary liberal political philosophy." (... read more

Philosophy and Democracy: An Anthology                    
Tom Christiano (Editor)
Published: 2003

"This volume collects some of the leading essays in contemporary democratic theory published in the past thirty years. The anthology presents the work of a select group of contributors (including Peter Singer, Joshua Cohen, Ronald Dworkin, Richard Arneson, and others) and covers many foundational approaches defended by scholars from a range of different disciplines. The chapters address many issues that are central to philosophical reflections on democracy, such as questions pertaining to deliberative and economic approaches, as well as to such topics as intrinsic fairness, the role of... read more

The Rule of The Many: Fundamental Issues in Democratic Theory                    
Tom Christiano
Published: 1996

"There is no problem more crucial to contemporary political thought than the status of democracy, its role, and its problems in the contemporary world. In this survey of democratic theory, Thomas Christiano introduces the reader to the principles underlying democracy and to the problems involved in applying these principles to real life situations.

Beginning with the simple, democratically inspired presumption that the interests of all citizens are to be treated equally, Christiano argues that the implications of such a minimal commitment clarify the nature of democracy and what... read more