Arizona’s Legislature begins session the second Monday of January, and, as outlined in the state’s constitution, should conclude within 100 days. The Arizona House is comprised of 60 Representatives and the Arizona Senate is comprised of 30 Senators. Because the legislature is in session for less than six months, both Chambers maintain a lean staff. The majority and minority caucus employ their respective staff, and each staffer supports the entire caucus on their designated issue area. For example, the House Republicans have one individual designated for education issues and that individual staffs 31 Representatives. Last year, a legislator approached UA to request help obtaining students willing to serve as graduate research fellows. UA Center for Philosophy of Freedom quickly worked to develop a pilot fellowship program. The Arizona Legislative Internship Program, which has been in place since the 1970’s, served as the blueprint for the newly developed graduate level Legislative Fellowship Pilot Program that was in place with two Fellows in the 2023 congressional session.

Legislative Fellow Duties and Responsibilities

The Legislative Fellowship Program provides graduate level students with real-world public policy research experience. These Fellows will support one legislator by providing research assistance, tracking legislation, summarizing bills, monitoring committee meetings, assisting with constituent services, preparing materials for hearings, and completing special projects that aid in the policy making process. The legislator will be the designated supervisor for the Fellow and will provide an end of year evaluation. Additional support will be provided by the UA Center for the Philosophy of Freedom Legislator Program Coordinator, Daniel Hernandez. Dan will offer a two day workshop for the Fellows before they begin their positions in order to provide information about the legislative process and also serve as a mentor given his experience in the legislature.

Other details:

  • Start date: January 8, 2024
  • Expected days in session: 100
  • 10-15 hours a week
  • Hybrid format: remote and in-person
  • Stipend provided by UA Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, $5,000 for term
  • Additional resources may be available for travel to Phoenix
Former AZ State Representative Daniel Hernandez with Legislative Fellows, 2024.
Former AZ State Representative Daniel Hernandez with Legislative Fellows, 2024.