Master of Legal Studies

The Freedom Center partners with the James E. Rogers College of Law to offer a concentration in Law & Economics for the Master of Legal Studies degree. The program provides an enhanced understanding of law and regulation, economic theory and empirical methods. Ideal candidates include current or aspiring federal, state and local elected officials, high-school teachers, school board members and public employees as well as students interested in pursuing advanced studies in these or related fields. 

The Master of Legal Studies – Law & Economics concentration is a one-year program pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. 

Freedom Center – MLS Scholarship

The Freedom Center is pleased to be able to provide scholarships to students enrolled in James E. Rogers College of Law’s Master of Legal Studies – Law & Economics concentration program.

Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship

This course is for high school students who want to go beyond basic state standards for economics. Students will come away better prepared for college, but also for the ethical challenges that go with careers in business, or in law, politics, education, or journalism.

The curriculum for this course is an evolving collaboration between individual high school teachers and University faculty. The course textbook comes with additional definitions, videos, podcasts, and articles in it’s online resource library.

Take Charge Today!

To support secondary education and promote financial literacy, Take Charge Today is a free program and curriculum for high school educators to help students understand how to manage money to improve their well-being.