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He works in free will, metaphysics, and ethics. His recently published book, Free Will: A Contemporary Introduction, with Derk Pereboom (2016), illuminates the field's complexities and recent advances. Designed for upper-level undergraduates interested in a comprehensive first-stop into free will and determinism, the book provides both a compatibilist and incompatibilist view of the field's recent issues and debates.

Selected Publications


2017. “Reasons-Responsive Theories of Freedom.” Routledge Handbook on Free Will. Routledge Press: 27-40.  

2017. “Theories of Moral Responsibility and the Responsibility Barter Game.” In Z. Goldberg, ed., Of Morals and Merels: Essays Inspired by the Work of Peter A. French. Springer: 71-84.

2016. “A Modest Historical Theory of Moral Responsibility.” Journal of Ethics. 20: 83-105.

2016. “Manipulation Arguments, Basic Desert, and Moral Responsibility: Assessing Derk Pereboom’s Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life.” Criminal Law and Philosophy. 

2016. “Quality of Will, Private Blame and Conversation: Reply to Driver, Shoemaker, and Vargas.” Criminal Law and Philosophy. 

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Michael McKenna
Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy