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Michael McKenna is Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy and Director of the Freedom Center at the University of Arizona.

He works in free will, metaphysics, and ethics. His recently published book, Free Will: A Contemporary Introduction, with Derk Pereboom (2016), illuminates the field's complexities and recent advances. Designed for upper-level undergraduates interested in a comprehensive first-stop into free will and determinism, the book provides both a compatibilist and incompatibilist view of the field's recent issues and debates.

Selected Publications


2017. “Reasons-Responsive Theories of Freedom.” Routledge Handbook on Free Will. Routledge Press: 27-40.  

2017. “Theories of Moral Responsibility and the Responsibility Barter Game.” In Z. Goldberg, ed., Of Morals and Merels: Essays Inspired by the Work of Peter A. French. Springer: 71-84.

2016. “A Modest Historical Theory of Moral Responsibility.” Journal of Ethics. 20: 83-105.

2016. “Manipulation Arguments, Basic Desert, and Moral Responsibility: Assessing Derk Pereboom’s Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life.” Criminal Law and Philosophy. 

2016. “Quality of Will, Private Blame and Conversation: Reply to Driver, Shoemaker, and Vargas.” Criminal Law and Philosophy. 

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Michael McKenna
Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy