Tackling an issue that impacts individual freedom and society at large, Freedom Center Postdoctoral Fellow Johanna Jauernig and Andrew J. Cohen, Georgia State University Philosophy Professor and Founding Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, have created a Philosophy Politics & Economics Society (PPE) Working Group on Polarization and Civil Discourse. The Freedom Center is a Platinum Sponsor of the PPE Society Seventh Annual Meeting, November 2-4, 2023, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Johanna Jauernig
Andrew J. Cohen

The working group provides a platform where scholars with similar research interests can meet, collaborate, and develop joint research opportunities. Its goals include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the phenomenon of polarization by bringing together perspectives from different disciplines.
  • Identifying research gaps and exploring new interdisciplinary research agendas on polarization.
  • Implications and Outreach: Exploring ways to foster civil discourse through conceptional analysis and with experiments testing interventions.

Members of the working group include junior and senior researchers from philosophy, politics, economics, and psychology who have investigated the issue of polarization and are interested in pursuing joint work on the topic. For more information, or to join the working group, email PPE.Polarization@gmail.com.