Kimberly Yee, State Treasurer of Arizona and Mary L. Rigdon, Freedom Center Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Economy & Moral Science co-authored an opinion editorial on the Arizona Award for Excellence in Teaching Financial Literacy. Published by, the piece details the award and calls on Arizonans to submit nominations.

“The Arizona Treasury and the University of Arizona Center for the Philosophy of Freedom (Freedom Center) have joined together to support teachers providing students with financial literacy education by creating The Arizona Award for Excellence in Teaching Financial Literacy. Nominations are currently open until September 1, 2023, to identify three exceptional teachers who will be awarded a full scholarship to pursue an online Master of Legal Studies, Law & Economics concentration. We invite Arizonans to get involved and nominate an exceptional teacher who would benefit from this opportunity. Teachers may also nominate themselves.

“This degree equips educators with a deeper understanding of the subjects and tools to enhance their teaching. Graduates are better prepared to engage students in critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving, and ultimately to prepare students to successfully shape their financial futures. A Master of Legal Studies, Law & Economics degree helps teachers strengthen their classroom skills and build a successful career. Each scholarship for this degree – a joint program between the Freedom Center and the James E. Rogers College of Law developed by Dr. Saura Masconale, the Center’s Associate Director – is worth over $20,000.”

Read the full piece here.