The Center is delighted to announce a series of new and forthcoming publications by faculty and graduate students:

Sameer Bajaj, “On Hillel Steiner’s ‘A Liberal Theory of Exploitation”, Ethics.

Sameer Bajaj and Thomas Christiano, “Democracy”, in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy”.

Sameer Bajaj and Thomas Christiano, “Deliberative Democracy”, The Blackwell Companion to Applied Philosophy, edited by Kimberley Brownlee, David Coady, and Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen.

Guido Pincione, “Filosofía del derecho de propiedad” (“The philosophy of property rights”), forthcoming in Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora and Ezequiel Spector, ENCICLOPEDIA DE FILOSOFÍA DEL DERECHO Y TEORÍA JURÍDICA (Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory), vol. III (Institute of Legal Research at National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, and Rubinzal Culzoni, Buenos Aires).

Jeremy Reid, “Unfamiliar Voices: harmonizing the non-Socratic speeches and Plato’s psychology”, in P. Destrée & Z. Giannoupolou (eds.) Plato’s Symposium: A Critical Guide, Cambridge University Press (2016).

Greg Robson, “Two Psychological Defenses of Hobbes’s Claim Against the Fool”, Hobbes Studies.

Greg Robson, “On Lawrence Becker’s “The Neglect of Virtue””, Ethics.

Danny Shahar, “Rejecting Eco-Authoritarianism, Again,” Environmental Values.

Danny Shahar, “Integrity versus Expediency for Non-Anthropocentrists”, Ethics, Policy & Environment 17, no. 3 (2014).

Stephen G.W. Stitch, “When Democracy Meets Pluralism: Landemore’s Epistemic Argument for Democracy and the Problem of Value Diversity,” Critical Review 26: 1-2 (2014).

Hannah Tierney, “Tackling it Head On: How Best to Handle the Modified Manipulation Argument,” Journal of Value Inquiry 48: 663-675.

Chad Van Schoelandt, “Justification, coercion, and the place of public reason”, Philosophical Studies, (published online, May 2014).

Steve Wall, “Perfectionism, Reasonableness and Respect,” Political Theory, August 2014 vol. 42 no. 4 468-489.