Hector Guzman, a graduating senior from Pueblo High School, was awarded the R. David Montaño scholarship. Hector will study Accounting and Business Management this fall as he joins the University of Arizona, Class of 2027.

Hector is president of the Pueblo Piano Club and has been an altar server at St. Augustine Cathedral of Tucson. He earned the Mexican American Student Services Certificate of Academic Achievement, the AP Scholar Award, and the Tri-M Music Honor Society Award (the only national honor society for student musicians in America). In addition, he has consistently made the honor roll and principal’s list during his high school career.  The Freedom Center congratulates Hector Guzman on his achievements and looks forward to his continued success.

Following are excerpts from Hector’s scholarship application essay:

“Pueblo’s late Assistant Principal David Montaño was known for saying, ‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood.’ I plan to live this saying fully in my post-secondary journey at the University of Arizona.

True leadership consists in understanding others first in order to learn how to cooperate efficiently and smoothly with others. I realize that my opinions and my reasoning are very different from those of others. I believe that if I want others to listen and understand me, I must first listen to them with kindness, compassion, and respect and understand where they are coming from.

Humility is the key to a successful life, and understanding forms a great part of humility, as we are required to put others before ourselves. Understanding helps build bonds between peers, and I desire to do this.”

About the R. David Montaño Scholarship

The Freedom Center is proud to honor the life and legacy of this extraordinary educator, who made an impact throughout his career and, in particular, Pueblo High School. The R. David Montaño Scholarship is awarded to Pueblo College Prep Academy graduates to attend the University of Arizona.

David was a graduate of Santa Rita High School who lived to serve others, first in Up With People and then a quarter century of service in the Tucson Unified School District as an administrator at Palo Verde, Cholla, Rincon, Secrist, and finally, Pueblo. He understood the power of education, the opportunity it afforded, and the freedom it gave students, especially those in diverse and under-resourced communities. 

David was most proud of the Pueblo College Prep Academy, which he helped establish, which provides a challenging educational opportunity for students who seek a more rigorous academic experience and intensive college preparation. Students who complete the program can apply and be accepted into prestigious colleges and universities, qualify for full-ride or free tuition scholarships, and be academically prepared for colleges and universities.

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