On April 14-15, 2023, the UArizona  James E. Rogers College of Law and Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, in partnership with Harvard Law School, University of Oxford Faculty of Law, the American Law Institute, and the Journal of Tort Law, hosted a symposium titled “The Great Torts Cases of the 21st Century: Are Canonical Torts Decisions a Thing of the Past?” The event was a resounding success, bringing together legal scholars, judges, and justices from across America and abroad to explore the most significant tort cases of the 21st century and address the continued importance of contemporary judges in shaping new common law.

Great Torts Cases symposium 2023

The symposium featured a roster of distinguished speakers who brought unique perspectives and insights to the program, engaging in panel discussions on recent common law tort cases and great common law judicial opinions of our time.  Participants included:

Roderick Bagshaw, Oxford Law Faculty

Hon. Thomas Balmer, Oregon Supreme Court

Jane Bambauer, Arizona Law

Hon. Clint Bolick, Arizona Supreme Court

Molly Brady, Harvard Law

Ellen M. Bublick, Arizona Law

Jonathan Cardi, Wake Forest Law

Hon. Laura Denvir Stith, Supreme Court of Missouri

Hon. Todd Eddins, Hawaii Supreme Court

Nora Engstrom, Stanford Law School

John Goldberg, Harvard Law

James Goudkamp, Oxford Law Faculty

Betsy Grey, Arizona State University Law

Christopher L. Griffin, Jr., Arizona Law

Hon Andrew Hurwitz, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Gregory Keating, USC Gould School of Law

Thomas Merrill, Columbia Law

Shefali Milczarek-Desai, Arizona Law

Donal Nolan, Oxford Law Faculty

Robert Rabin, Stanford Law School

Sandy Steel, Oxford Law Faculty

Catherine M. Sharkey, NYU School of Law

Henry E. Smith, Harvard Law

Jane Stapleton, Oxford Law Faculty Emerita

James Stern, William & Mary Law School

Sarah Swan, Rutgers Law School

Hon. Ann Timmer, Vice Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court

Alfred Yen, Boston College Law School

Benjamin Zipursky, Fordham Law

This symposium is the first in a series of collaborative initiatives between the Rogers College of Law and Freedom Center to engage judges and legal scholars in fruitful discussions on significant issues

Dan B. Dobbs Professor of Law Ellen M. Bublick and Freedom Center Associate Director and Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Economy and Moral Science, Saura Masconale welcomed the symposium attendees. Bublick remarked that Arizona Law was honored to host an event in which “the engaged and varied perspectives of judges, as well as insights from abroad, deepened dialogue about possibilities and challenges for tort law’s future.”

Ellen Bublick

Masconale shared Bublick’s enthusiasm, adding that co-sponsoring the Great Tort Cases Symposium was a “natural choice” for the Freedom Center.  “The Center is an incubator for interdisciplinary research and critical thinking about freedom, responsibility, and human behavior. And I think tort law is essential for our liberty – as the framework that safeguards our individual rights and ensure we can all exercise our autonomy without violating the rights and freedoms of others.”

The Journal of Tort Law will publish the symposium’s paper in the 2023 Spring and Fall editions.

For more information on this event and other Freedom Center and Rogers College of Law collaborations, please contact Saura Masconale at masconale@arizona.edu.