The upcoming Social Philosophy and Policy conference, entitled Progress, will take place on May 12-15 in Hermosa Beach, CA. 
Dates: May 12-15, 2016

Our list of distinguished participants includes:

  • Kate Abramson, Associate Professor of Philosphy, Indiana University at Bloomington
  • Jonathan Anomaly, Research Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Elizabeth Brake, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Arizona State University
  • Allen Buchanan, James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy, Duke University
  • Shelley Burtt, Executive Director, Camphill Foundation
  • Agnes Callard, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago
  • Tyler Cowen, Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics, George Mason University
  • Roberta Herzberg, Assistant Director of Individual Freedom and Free Markets, John Templeton Foundation
  • Darrel Moellendorf, Cluster Chair in International Political Theory, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Pete Boettke, Professor of Economics and Philosophy, George Mason University
  • Orlando Samões, Director of Political Studies, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • Adam Tebble, Lecturer in Political Theory, King’s College, London
  • Daniel Green,  Director of Individual  Freedom and Free Markets, John Templeton Foundation

Please see the SPP website for more information.