Is it important for people with no credit to get a credit card?

Why are some people with no credit hesitant to apply for a credit card?

What tips do you have for someone filling out a credit card application for the first time?

Lisa M. Bender, NBCT, M.Ed., Education and Marketing Specialist for the Freedom Center’s Take Charge Today free K-12 financial literacy curriculum, answers these questions and more as a featured expert on

“Establishing and nurturing your personal credit history is an important step in your adult life. Most people will rely on credit for a large purchase of some kind as they navigate through the many stages of adulthood,” Lisa notes.

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To support secondary education and promote financial literacy, the Take Charge Today program provides a free curriculum for high school educators across America to help students understand how to manage money to improve their well-being. The program is founded on the idea that a university-based financial education outreach program can strengthen and extend the ability of schools and community organizations to improve the personal financial capabilities of young adults.