“It’s always a pleasure to meet and talk with interesting people,” said Jay Nordlinger. “Whether
they are famous, infamous, or unknown—people always have something to say.” Jay recalls a
line that William F. Buckley Jr. liked to quote: “Ninety-nine out of every hundred people are
interesting—and so is the hundredth, for he is the exception.”

Jay is an inaugural journalist-in-residence at the University of Arizona Center for the Philosophy
of Freedom (Freedom Center) who brings a unique perspective as a senior editor of NATIONAL
, a fellow of the National Review Institute, and music critic of THE NEW CRITERION.
His thoughtfulness, candor, and “Renaissance Man” nature engage readers across the board.
His columns and podcasts delve into a variety of topics, from politics to foreign affairs to the arts
and beyond. In 2023, Nordlinger moderated the Freedom Center’s Public Discussion Forum on
the Great Reshuffling
. He chronicled his visit to our state in an “Arizona journal.

Mary L. Rigdon, Freedom Center Director and Associate Professor of Political Economy and
Moral Science, and Saura Masconale, Freedom Center Associate Director and Assistant
Professor of Political Economy and Moral Science, created the journalist-in-residence program
to bring nationally respected media professionals to UArizona, where they can connect to the
campus community, share their experiences and work on new projects.

“Jay’s gift lies in his ability to transcend conventional topics, shedding light on issues that are
important but possibly overlooked, and bringing significant personalities to the fore,” Masconale
said. “Our team at the Freedom Center is thrilled to have him as a journalist-in-residence at
UArizona. During his recent visit, Jay made a tremendous impact on campus, engaging with
our students and creating compelling profiles of two of our most distinguished scholars.”

Nordlinger has made a specialty of profiles in recent years. More and more he appreciates
biography and autobiography: lived stories. They often give more meaningful insight than
theory can. And we can always expect that a multitude of issues come up in a person’s life.
What’s more, these stories are often quite moving, and they usually offer things that we can all
relate to.

While on campus, Nordlinger talked with students and interview two UArizona scholars who
have distinguished themselves on the world stage. He recorded a podcast and wrote an article
for the National Review about former UArizona Professor of Economics and Nobel Memorial
Prize recipient Vernon Smith (https://www.nationalreview.com/2024/04/scholar-and-champion-
). He also recorded podcast with UArizona James E. Rogers College of Law
faculty member Robert Mundheim and his wife, award-winning painter Guna S. Mundheim as
well as the Freedom Center’s Saura Masconale and Affiliated Faculty Member and UArizona
James E. Rogers College of Law Professor Simone Sepe.

Nordlinger joins Sarah Spain, ESPN Radio Host & TV Personality and espnW writer, in the
Freedom Center’s inaugural class of journalists-in-residence.