#1 in the world in political philosophy

Arizona has emerged once again from the Philosophical Gourmet rankings as #1 in the world in political philosophy.  


The panel of experts that produced the 2015 ranking in political philosophy includes Christopher Bertram, Cristina Bicchieri, Brian Bix, Chris Bobonich, Roger Crisp, John Deigh, Julia Driver, William Edmundson, Johann Frick, John Gardner, Gerald Gaus, Leslie J. Green, Brad Hooker, Shelly Kagan, Matthew Kramer, Ben Laurence, Jeff McMahan, Christopher Morris, Colleen Murphy, Alastair Norcross, Calvin Normore, Michael Otsuka, Stefan Sciaraffa, Mathias Risse, Michael Rosen, David Schmidtz, Hanoch Sheinman, Wayne Sumner, Robert Talisse, John Tasioulas, Larry Temkin, Peter Vallentyne, Helga Varden, Wil Waluchow. (Panelists did not participate in ranking their own department or departments of which they are alumni.)

Arizona’s graduate program also made nice moves up in the rankings in several other areas including action, epistemology, ancient, metaethics, philosophy of law, and overall.