Voting is open until August 20 for a timely, informative, and impactful panel under consideration for SXSW 2024 by Mary L. Rigdon, FC Director & Associate Professor, and ESPN award-winning journalist Sarah Spain.

Change the Game using Data-driven Storytelling: From the locker room to the board room, entrenched narratives bar some of the best talent and the brightest solutions from being considered or even heard. Stories spark the connections – quite literally in our brains – that let us form families, companies, governments, and global systems. Join us in a conversation about how new, highly personal, and data-driven stories are chipping away at the old tales that make our culture feel impersonal and immovable. Come learn ways to harness the power of reporting and journalism to change business as usual.

Vote for Mary and Sarah’s panel by going to SXSW PanelPicker® and then sign in or create an account (it’s easy). Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the panel’s page. Click on the “arrow up” button to vote, and then leave a comment.

Watch the trailer from Mary’s 2023 SXSW Talk at the UArizona Wonder House: Myth Busting – Women, Competitiveness, and Equity: