The inaugural PPEL Undergraduate Summer School – created, developed, and organized by Mary Rigdon and Saura Masconale – took place at the University of San Diego June 5-8, 2023. This summer school was a collaboration with the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom and the Department of Political Economy and Moral Science (PEMS) at the University of Arizona, the University of San Diego’s Center for Ethics, Economics, & Public Policy, and Chapman University’s Smith Institute for Political Economy & Philosophy.

This four-day summer school features foundational and topical interdisciplinary courses taught by top-tier faculty. Courses were taught by Justin Bruner, Suzi Dovi, Saura Masconale, Mary Rigdon, Simone Sepe, Vlad Tarko, John Thrasher, and Matt Zwolinski. 30 undergraduates from 20 different universities attended.

Watch Plenary Session

The plenary session was given by economist and 2002 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences recipient Vernon L. Smith and Political Philosopher and Freedom Center Founding Director David Schmidtz.