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5th Annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

The 5th Annual... read more

Department of Political Economy & Moral Science

New department approved by ABOR

The Arizona Board of Regents has approved a new Department of Political Economy & Moral Science within... read more

Jeremy Reid accepts Postdoc at Maryland

Starting this fall, Jeremy Reid will begin a 2-year postdoctoral... read more

Picture of Brian Kogelmann Brian Kogelmann Accepts Assistant Professorship at Maryland

Graduate Fellow Brian Kogelman has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Maryland. He will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy with an affiliation at the Ed... read more

Picture of Chris Howard Chris Howard Accepts Offer at Chapel Hill

Starting in the Fall, Graduate Fellow Chris Howard will be a Research Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). He will also be a core faculty... read more

Picture of Danny Shahar Danny Shahar Accepts Postdoc at UNC Chapel Hill

This upcoming Fall, Freedom Center fellow Danny Shahar will start a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel... read more

Robert Lusch Remembering Bob Lusch

Robert Lusch (1949-2017)

March 3, 2017: My name is Dave Schmidtz. When Virginia asked me to offer the eulogy, there was one right answer: Yes, of course.  The... read more

Picture of Yunfei Yang Visiting Scholar Yunfei Yang

Yunfei Yang, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Wuhan University, China, will be a visiting scholar at the Freedom Center during the Spring 2017 semester. He works on German Idealism, Moral... read more

Professional Development Series: Workshop Invitation Workshop Registration Now Open

Session 1: Presenting with Boldness by Hedy Schleifer

This unique training is a good fit for all presenters of any kind. Instructors, grant writers, researchers, etc. will benefit from... read more

Grduate Fellow Greg Robson Lectures at Rincon High Graduate Fellow Greg Robson Lectures at Rincon High

As part of our high school course, Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship, grad students interact with high school students to enrich the curriculum provided by the teacher. Greg Robson visited... read more