Joel Runnels

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Joel Runnels is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom at the University of Arizona, and a Fulbright Specialist at the University of Ghana’s Department of Linguistics/Ghanaian Sign Language Program.  He recently completed his PhD in Educational Foundations and Research from the University of North Dakota.  Joel is currently working on an ethnohistory, Dr. Andrew Foster’s Contributions to Deaf Education in Africa: The Ghana Years (1957-1965), which explores how post-colonial collaborations, between a d/Deaf African American and his Ghanaian counterparts, expanded access to equal opportunities for the d/Deaf  across sub-Saharan Africa. Joel’s interests also include investigations at the intersections of disability and racial, ethnic, linguistic, and socio-cultural identities in educational settings, as well as qualitative research methods, and application of critical theory and constructivism.  

Selected Publications

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