The first of its kind, this anthology in the burgeoning field of technology ethics offers students and other interested readers 32 chapters, each written in an accessible and lively manner specifically for this volume. The chapters are conveniently organized into five sections: 

I. Perspectives on Technology and its Value
II. Technology and the Good Life
III. Computer and Information Technology
IV. Technology and Business
V. Biotechnologies and Enhancement

A hallmark of the volume is multidisciplinary contributions both (1) in “analytic” and “continental” philosophy and (2) across several hot-button topics of interest to students, including the ethics of autonomous vehicles, psychotherapeutic phone apps, and bio-enhancement of cognition and in sports.  The volume editors, both teachers of technology ethics, have compiled a set of original and timely chapters that will advance scholarly debate and stimulate fascinating and lively classroom discussion. 

Chapters by Freedom Center Faculty and Alumni

23. Social Media Firms, Echo Chambers, and the Good Life
Gregory Robson

26. Big Tech & Political Equality
Saura Masconale and Simone M. Sepe

29. Genetic Enhancement: Just Say Yes
Jason Brennan