The UArizona Center for the Philosophy of Freedom and the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies are hosting An Evening and Oral History Screening with Holocaust Survivor Hanna Zack Miley. The event is part of the Freedom Center’s Oral History Mini-Documentary Collection, which is a free resource for Arizona schools to help prepare students to be civically responsible and knowledgeable adults. Robert C. Robbins, UArizona President will make opening remarks. Rep. Ben Toma, Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, will offer Hanna’s introduction, followed by the screening of her video. Rep. Alma Hernandez will then join Hanna for a fireside chat, including an audience Q&A.

“Through rescue, loss, and eventual freedom — author, teacher, and speaker Hanna Zack Miley stands as a warm reminder of the power of forgiveness. In 1932, just 11 months before Hitler seized power — Hanna was born in the German city of Bonn. As antisemitism increased her Jewish parents, Marcus and Amalie Zack, desperately sought ways of escape. On the evening of July 24, 1939, they were able to get Hanna onto a train to escape to England. They however, would not make it to safety. Her parents were forced from their home and deported to endure six months of inhumane conditions in the Łódź Ghetto before being murdered in Chelmno, Poland, on May 3, 1942.

Hanna has since discovered newfound freedom and joy in sharing her story around the world and through her writing and speaking. She and her husband George have been worldwide travelers for more than 50 years, teaching others about the transforming power of God and forgiveness even in the most painful circumstances. Today, they reside in Phoenix, Arizona.” (Credit:

Hanna’s compelling book, A Garland For Ashes, details her painful, transformative, and inspirational life journey. She invested her heart and soul in researching the past to understand why her parents put her on that train, how they lived, and ultimately, how they died. She came to realize the sacrifice they made to give her a chance at life, which transformed her pain into infectious positivity, relentless optimism, and a remarkable passion for freedom. All who come into contact with Hanna come away better from the experience. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to meet her and experience her inspirational story.

A Garland for Ashes is available through Hanna’s website: