The 10th annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy will take place in Tucson, AZ October 20-22, 2022.  The workshop will begin at 4:45pm on Thursday, October 20th and end at 5:00pm on Saturday October 22nd. 

A selection of papers from the Workshop will be published in volume 10 of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy.

Thursday, October 20

4:45 – 5:00                  Opening Remarks

5:00– 6:15                   Session 1                     “Proportionality and the Prospect of Compensation: Why Ex Post Compensation does not Affect
                                                                        Ex Ante Permissibility”
                                                                        Linda Eggert, Oxford University

Friday, October 21

9:00 – 10:15                Session 2                     “Three Concepts of Legitimacy”
                                                                        Gopal Sreenivasan, Duke University

10:45 – 12:00              Session 3                     “The Fundamental Wrong with Colonialism”
                                                                        Ritwik Agrawal, University of Arizona
                                                                        Allen Buchanan, University of Arizona


2:00 – 3:15                  Session 4                     “Territorial Jurisdiction: A Functionalist Account”
                                                                        Anthony Taylor, University of Fribourg

3:45 – 5:00                  Session 5                    Keynote Talk:  “Legitimacy, Authority and the Political Value of Explanations”
                                                                        Seth Lazar, Australian National University

Saturday, October 22

9:00 – 10:15                Session 6                     “The Romantic Lie in the Brain: Collective Agency, Moral Responsibility and the State”
                                                                        Brookes Brown, Clemson University

10:45 – 12:00              Session 7                     “Sequential Claims-Balancing, A Weak Limited Aggregationist Proposal”
                                                                        Peter Graham, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


2:00 – 3:15                  Session 8                     “The Structure of Sufficiency”
                                                                        Carl Knight, University of Glasgow

3:45 – 5:00                  Session 9                     “Lotteries, Queues, and Bottlenecks”
                                                                        Gil Hersch, Virginia Tech
                                                                        Thomas Rowe, King’s College London