The first annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy will take place in Tucson, Arizona, at the Westward Look Hotel and Resort on October 17-19, 2013. The web page for the conference (with travel and hotel information and so much more) can be found here: Registration for the workshop is free and open to the public. 

Keynote Speakers
Charles Larmore (Brown)
Philip Pettit (Princeton)
A. John Simmons (UVA) 

Submitted Papers
Ian Carter (Pavia), Tom Christiano (Arizona), David Enoch (Hebrew University), Helen Frowe (Kent), Eric Mack (Tulane), Jon Quong (USC) & Rebecca Stone (UCLA Law), Fabienne Peter (Warwick), Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (UNC), and Nicholas Southwood (ANU). 

Michael Bukoski (Arizona), Alisa Carse (Georgetown), Peter De Marneffe (Arizona State), Dale Dorsey (Kansas), Andrew Lister (Queens), Colin Mccleod (Victoria), Connie Rosati (Arizona), Shlomi Segall (Hebrew University), Cynthia Stark (Utah), Lynne Tirrell (U Mass-Boston), Bas Van der Vossen (UNC-Greensboro).