photo credit EMLE – LUMSA

Italy, France, and Romania are countries where Freedom Center scholars and staff have traveled to partner with renowned universities and engage with faculty and students from all over the world. This initiative reflects the Center’s commitment to serving as a hub for interdisciplinary research and teaching, not only at the national but also on an international scale.

“International partnerships are vital to further our understanding of how markets, economics, law, and politics shape society and its future,” Freedom Center Associate Director and Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Economy & Moral Science Saura Masconale said. “We look forward to growing these collaborative opportunities so that we can help students worldwide to build their knowledge in an environment that welcomes viewpoint diversity and broader perspectives.”


2022: LUMSA-EMLE-FC Summer School on Law, Economics, and Ethics of Markets and Regulation, June 13-17, Rome

2021: Instituto Bruno Leoni – FC Summer School, July 1-4, Franciacorta (BS)


2023: Institute for European Studies-Aix-Marseille University – FC Summer University in Political Economy, July 20-22, Aix-en-Provence

2021: Institute for European Studies – Aix Marseille University – FC Summer School, July 8-11, Aix-en-Provence


2021: Institute for European Studies-Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – Romania – FC Summer Seminar, June 20-26, Urlati

2021: Institute for European Studies-University of Bucharest – FC Summer High School Teacher Workshop, June 28, Bucharest